About Eran Harel

Eran Harel is the Vice President of Business Development at AppCard, an innovative data-driven marketing and customer retention platform for brick and mortar businesses. Since joining AppCard, Harel has helped thousands of business owners develop personalized marketing strategies aimed at increasing customer retention. As the VP of Business Development, Harel is also responsible for strengthening AppCard’s partnerships with a range of solutions providers in order to ensure that AppCard business owners have the support they need to grow their business with customer retention.

Big-Box Marketing for Independently Owned Baby & Children’s Retailers

why-every-baby-store-needs-a-loyalty-program2Today’s customers are more informed and connected than ever. In an age where online shopping is so simple and convenient, customers expect offline retailers to provide a shopping experience and superior service, as opposed to simply selling items/products. Accordingly, many baby and children’s retailers understand this shift, and are striving to build a true, 1:1 relationship with their customers that is reciprocal, mutually beneficial, and long lasting.

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