Set-it-and-forget-it: 4 Automated SMS/Text Marketing Campaigns

sms-text-message-marketing-campaigns.pngOnce you have the ability to monitor your customer purchase behavior (down to the SKU-level), there are unlimited opportunities to use that information to improve your marketing communications. Delivering marketing messages based on real-time behavior ensures that you’re reaching customers at at exactly the right moment. If you’re new to the automated marketing game, you might not know where to start. These are 4 automated marketing campaigns that we nearly always recommend to AppCard businesses when they’re first setting up thier marketing and rewards programs:

  1. Registration Offer – One of the first goals we set when launching a new program is to get at least 30% of your customers to enroll. A great way to get customers excited about joining is to offer an incentive. Examples: Thanks for joining the program at Nelly’s Coffee Palace – enjoy a free small coffee your next visit! (valid for 3 days).
  2. Opt In – In order for your customers to start receiving your marketing texts, they must first give their consent by opting in. To maximize the number of shoppers you can reach with your marketing campaigns, we strongly suggest giving a reward for opting in. Example: Thanks for opting into texts at Nikki’s Shoe Emporium! You’ve earned $3 off & you’ll be the first to know about special deals!
  3. Reward Reminder – Customers who redeem rewards have realized the value of your program, and are much less likely to churn. So deliver a reminder to customers who have earned a reward, but haven’t redeemed it after a certain period of time. Example: Did you know you have a reward waiting for you at Abbie’s Supermarket? Come in today and redeem for $5 off your purchase!
  4. Birthday – This one isn’t ~technically~ based on real-time behavior, but it’s automated, so we’re including it here. And who doesn’t love birthday gifts? Keep customers happy and engaged with a campaign that automatically delivers a special reward on their birthday. Example: Happy Birthday from Bob’s Burgers! Stop in today to get a free small order of french fries!

2 thoughts on “Set-it-and-forget-it: 4 Automated SMS/Text Marketing Campaigns

  1. Can you set up an automated text or e-mail campaign that lets people know they have earned enough points for a discount? Or better yet when they are close? Say at 90 points when they need 100 to get the 5% discount?


    • Hi Jack, exactly! We should probably write a whole post on these types of campaigns, which we like to call “Reward Reminders.” Reward Reminder campaigns are triggered off the customer’s status in your rewards program, so are a great way to get customers engaged in the program, and to gamify the experience a bit. You can set up both types of campaigns you’ve described pretty easily in AppCard (You can always reach out to your Customer Success Manager for help/advice/recommendations!). Another one that I’d add is to set up a campaign that delivers a text message if a customer has earned the reward but hasn’t redeemed it in x amount of time (depending on the type of business it’ll vary, but something like 2 weeks is a good place to start).


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