AppCard Loyalty for Clover POS

AppCard loyalty & marketing platform allows you to easily create a rewards program that your customers will love!

AppCard for Clover collects SKU-level data from your Clover POS and connects it with customer identities. Using this customer insight, Clover business owners are able to launch personalized marketing campaigns via email and text message.

  • Connect SKU-level transaction data from your Clover POS with customer identities
  • Learn individual buyer behavior and send personalized marketing messages
  • Engage with customers via text message, push notifications, and email
  • Monitor top selling products, employee productivity, and ROI on marketing campaigns with real-time dashboards

Know your customers

Seamless integraion between AppCard and your Clover POS allows you to connect SKU-level purchase information with customer identities.

Personalized Marketing Campaigns

Artificial intelligence monitors buying behavior, identifies trends, and predicts your customers’ next move. AppCard automatically delivers the right message, to the right person, at the right time.

Real-Time Reporting

Dashboards give you the power to monitor the overall health of your business and the ROI on marketing campaigns, all in real-time.

Request a demo of AppCard for Clover to see how it works! >>


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