10 Common Loyalty Marketing Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Throughout my experience at AppCard, I have had the pleasure of working with a wide range of industries and clients on their loyalty programs. Some loyalty programs do well from day one, but some business owners struggle. In my experience, these are the 10 most common mistakes that businesses make with their loyalty programs.

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AppCard Touch Screen Terminal


The AppCard Touch Screen Terminal is here! Customers enroll into your loyalty program by entering their phone number or by swiping a loyalty card. Customers can enter their email address and can choose to receive a digital receipt via text message. The dual sided terminal displays the rewards balance for both the customer and the cashier. Customers can choose which rewards they’d like to redeem and which rewards they’d like to save for their next visit. Visit appcard.com to speak to a loyalty marketing consultant and get started today!


Measuring Shopper & Cashier Engagement in Your New Grocery Loyalty Program

After launching your loyalty program, the amount of data you’re now collecting may overwhelm you. You may be wondering, how is my rewards program doing? How can I make sure we are off to a great start? What metrics should I be monitoring on a regular basis? How do we begin to analyze shopper behavior and deliver marketing communications? In this article, I’ll list a few of the metrics that we use to determine the health of your new loyalty program during the initial phases of your program launch.

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Why You Need a Multitender Loyalty Program

When we say “multitender,” we mean that your loyalty program should reward your shoppers for all of their purchases, regardless of whether they’re paying with cash, credit card, or mobile payment methods like Apple and Samsung Pay. Loyalty programs that force your customers to download an app or force them to link a credit card to the app for payment, are going to be a huge barrier to enrollment for your customers. In fact, according to this article published by FierceRetail, Target has plans to launch a new tender-neutral program called “Target Red.”

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